TANGENTA-C100 LED lighting line

Lighting line for basic lighting of rooms

TANGENTA-C100 is designed specifically for the installation into metal ceiling systems by durlum. It is suitable for different applications such as corridors, offices or schools in which the combination of suspended ceiling and light is advantageous.

  • Frameless integration into the ceiling panel.
  • Available with different covers.
  • Optional: With the connector system Linect, the luminaire and panel can be easily installed from a single source.

Technical Information


W: 85 mm
H: 57 mm
L: 854 mm | 1134 mm | 1414 mm


PMMA opal or microprismatic (optionally with diffuser film)

Luminaire details

Light colour: 3000 K, 4000 K
Luminaire output: 4625 lm/m (3000 K), 4830 lm/m (4000 K)
Dimmability: DALI dimmable
Driver: driver inside
Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz + DALI
Protection degree: IP 20