dur-SONIC CUBE broadband absorber

Developed to fulfil acoustic requirements in rooms with open ceilings

dur-SONIC CUBE was developed to fulfil acoustic requirements in rooms with open ceilings [for example: open cell ceilings, expanded metal ceilings, LOOP]. The attainable sound absorption effect depends on the density of the elements deployed. Due to the high absorbency of a single dur-SONIC CUBE element a good effect can already achieved at low densities. NRC-values of up to 0,85 can be obtained. Thereby a rigid arrangement of the elements is not necessary. The elements can be placed unobtrusively wherever there is room to be found in the ceiling void.

  • sound absorbing elements can be placed vertically or horizontally within the ceiling void
  • brackets included allow space saving and assembly friendly mounting on the existing substructure


Black, other colours on request

Material and Dimensions
160 mm x 160 mm made of galvanized steel, perforated and powder-coated

Acoustic infill
mineral wool with optimized flow resistance, in sealed PE-bag

Standard lengths
400 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm