Project of the month November 2016
Dental practice, Zurich [CH]
Photos: © Oliver Kern [DE]
Dental practice, Zurich [CH]
September 2016

LUMEO®-R surface-mounted luminaire, diameters 600 and 900 mm; height: 60 (body)+35 (device box) mm; light colour 4000K; light distribution: wide-angle illumination; dimmable [10 units] 

Lighting cassette C625 rated for 62 watts; dimensions 625x625x15 mm [LxWxH]; light colour: 4000K [27 units]

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An appointment at the dentist – for many people a reason to break out in anxious sweat. The recently opened practice for endodontology run by Dr. Marending and Dr. Lottanti in Zurich seeks to counteract that sense of apprehension with an aesthetically appointed interior design and a bright overall look and feel. The generously proportioned and efficient luminaires from durlum have a decisive role to play in this.

The modern design of the reception area in this dental practice is equipped with LUMEO®-R surface-mounted luminaires that create a radiant atmosphere. The clear, round design of these surface-mounted luminaires blends subtly with a predominantly monochrome environment. Equipped with dimmers, LUMEO®-R luminaires can produce a range of different lighting moods. Arranged in a line, these luminaires, just 95 mm deep, guide patients to the treatment rooms.

In contrast to the round luminaires in the reception area, the treatment rooms feature square lighting cassettes. These luminaires, flush-mounted in the metal cassette ceiling, form a seamless visual entity with the ceiling. The microprismatic cover on the lighting cassettes and a luminance of up to 1500 lux deliver a lighting outcome that assures the dental practitioners of a perfectly illuminated treatment area. An environment as filled with light as this can make even a visit to the dentist into a real experience.

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