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Ed Robson Arena, Colorado Springs [US]

Ed Robson Arena, Colorado

PHOTOS: © Ron Pollard
Ed Robson Arena, Colorado Springs [US]
July 2021
JLG Architects, Minneapolis [US]

Special faceted expanded metal ceiling S7 RHOMBOS
Mesh size: M260, material: Galvanized steel, colour: RAL 9010, 244 different ceiling elements [335 m²]

RHOMBOS S7 expanded metal ceiling
Mesh size: M400, colour: RAL 7043 [60 m²]

OMEGA 63 lighting channel
without LED luminaire insert, satinised cover

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The ultra-modern, sustainable Ed Robson Arena is far more than a sports facility. It is a multi-faceted and living place for the students of Colorado College to meet up, as it also is for Colorado Springs, known as Olympic City USA.

The transparent architecture of the arena echoes elements of the surrounding buildings and mountains. A highlight of this is the light-permeated and spacious entrance area with its faceted and luminous expanded metal ceiling. Large white triangular surfaces are arranged in opposing angles, framed by narrow lighting channels that complement the dynamic character of the ceiling and make it appear almost weightless. At the same time, these lighting channels form part of the complex and technically ingenious substructure.

Dark-grey expanded metal ceilings in other areas of the arena also underline the visual lightness and transparency of this new arena that is part of the City for Champions initiative and that will be involved in regional, national and international events.

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