Project of the month July 2017
Floreasca Park, Bucharest [RO]
Photos: Rares Perca
Floreasca Park, Bucharest [RO]
Spring 2014
Chapman Taylor | Prague [CZ]

OPEN SKY® translucent glass ceiling
Glass elements can be hinged downwards without using tools, with a module size of 1 100 x 1 100 mm and an 8 mm wide circumferential joint [500 m²] incl. strip light with reflector [444 units] 

S4 RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling
With welded frame in different panel sizes; mesh 28 x 12 x 2 x 1.5 mm; 75 % free cross section; in RAL 9006 [370 m²]

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Having received various awards as well as the BREEAM 'VERY GOOD' environmental rating, the two new complexes of the Floreasca Park in the sought-after office district Floreasca represent the greenest office buildings in Bucharest and provide a harmonious fit into the landscape of lakes and parks. This was the special focus of the investors and the Prague architect office Chapman Taylor.

Next to a high quality glass facade, an intelligent shade system and energy-efficient lifts, the OPEN SKY® translucent glass ceiling and the S4-RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling by durlum round off the well-designed building concept.

Covering a total of 500m², OPEN SKY® adorns the lobby and hall areas of the two exclusive office buildings and provides uniform extensive light distribution via special reflectors in the ceiling void as well as giving visitors and employees that special feeling of well-being. The apparently free-floating glass ceiling consists of 1100x1100mm sized glass elements which can be hinged down without using tools, giving easy access to the ceiling void and allowing maintenance at any time. Besides meeting sustainability criteria, the designer ceiling also functions as a border providing distinct areas for visitors and employees.

The integration of the translucent glass ceiling into an S4-RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling with a free cross section of 75% provides the necessary safety in the hallway areas and offers sufficient space for the sprinklers without interrupting the design of the ceiling. The durlum products form part and parcel of the sustainability of the buildings and make an active contribution to obtaining the ecological building rating with their durability, energy-efficiency and their effect on well-being.

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