Project of the month December 2021
Gravit8 Lifestyle Hub, Klang, Selangor [MY]

Gravit8 Lifestyle Hub, Klang

PHOTOS: © James Kong
Gravit8 Lifestyle Hub, Klang, Selangor [MY]
GDP Architects, Kuala Lumpur [MY]

Pier8 shopping centre, atrium
Vertical baffle system; aluminium; dimensions [width x height]: 50 x 200 - 450 mm; powder-coating, wood look [approx. 168 m²]

Baffle system for two pillar structures with brackets for lighting
aluminium; height: 12.8 m; powder-coating, wood look [60 pieces]

Entrance area, corridors etc.
Ceiling baffles; aluminium; dimensions [width x height]: 200 x 15 mm and 200 x 50 mm; powder-coating with wood look [approx. 3040 m²]

Nordica residential tower, lobby:
POLYLAM vertical baffle system; aluminium; dimensions [width x height]: 25 x 150 mm; powder-coating:
RAL 1015 [surface area: 60 m²]

Adria residential tower, lobby:
POLYLAM vertical baffle system; aluminium; dimensions [width x height]: 75 x 150 mm; powder-coating: walnut wood [approx. 45 m²]

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This wood look is gaining in popularity as an architectural feature and it is used in innovative space solutions. The same approach was also pursued with the design of the Gravit8 'Lifestyle Hub', creating a place where people can live, work, enjoy their leisure time and go shopping. This holistic maritime concept brings the motto 'Where Urban Meets Nature' to life in a visually appealing manner.

In January 2021, the Pier8 shopping centre in Gravit8 won the prestigious 'Low Rise Commercial Building Award - Gold Category' from PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia, the local architectural institute in Malaysia). The basic skeletal shape of durlum’s vertical metal baffles that surround the supporting pillars in the main foyer of this shopping centre extends right up into the ceiling design. With their special wood look coating and their geometry, these clad pillars are reminiscent of tree trunks. The sinuous curves of the ceiling baffles above it create the effect of a cloud pattern that admits daylight to the main atrium through ten oval skylights while also providing shade from direct sunlight. Combined with a large salt water aquarium, the harmonious visual appearance of the main foyer exudes tropical maritime flair.

The durlum vertical baffle system also defines architectural highlights in the lobby areas of the Adria and Nordica residential towers, imbuing these spaces with a pleasingly natural look and feel.

Gravit8 – a homage to the famous Malaysian port city of Klang – will certainly become a real magnet for visitors as an aesthetically pleasing oasis.

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