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Hotel Säntispark, St. Gallen [CH]
Photos: Hotel Säntispark
Hotel Säntispark, St. Gallen [CH]
Summer 2014
Carlos Martinez Architects AG FH/SWB [CH]

Elegant and functional metal ceiling

LOOP® ceiling elements made of 1 mm steel; panel size 1,004 x 1,124 mm [LxW]; Hole pattern RV 60-80.5; realised as TYPE 3 magnet system in RAL 9003 matt powder-coated and secured to S7 chilled ceiling with LOOP® security cables [approx. 750 m2

S7 KS rail channel system
rectangular metal panels in various panel sizes; 1 mm steel; perforation RG-L15; backed with black fleece; in RAL 9005 matt powder-coated and realised with copper cooling coils from Lippuner Energie- und Metallbautechnik AG as chilled ceiling [approx. 750 m2]

POLYLAM® vertical baffle system
Exterior and interior: vertical baffles 3870 - 3200 x 60 x 80 mm [W x L x H]; in RAL 1035 matt; non-perforated design [total approx. 3700 linear metres]

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True to the motto "As diverse as life", is how the Swiss business hotel "Säntispark" opened for business in the summer of 2014 in picturesque surroundings. With a total of nine flexibly designed conference rooms, the conference section of the hotel can accommodate up to 350 delegates. The modern ceiling solutions by durlum match the special requirements of the conference rooms, as do the events for individual customer needs. Optimal acoustics and a pleasant climate were equally important, as was high-class design.

The renowned architects of the Carlos Martinez architects office selected the elegant LOOP® metal ceiling, a ceiling which combines function and design in an optimal manner. The offset rows of round openings in the white LOOP® ceiling create a modern shape and ensure that the individual elements with their soft, rounded contours blend together well. This gives a joint-free ceiling image from another world. The five millimetre deep-drawn openings additionally lend the metal ceiling a three-dimensional character.

Hinged and movable, the S7 KS metal ceiling acts as functional drop ceiling and its dark colour supports the three-dimensional effect of the LOOP® ceiling. Perforated and backed with acoustic fleece, the S7 room system also provides climatic well-being in the conference rooms in addition to acoustic comfort. Fitted with chilling elements from Lippuner Energie- und Metallbautechnik AG on the backs of the panels, this provides an even temperature distribution and comfortable room climate throughout the conference rooms.

The LOOP® metal ceiling is mounted to the S7 functional ceiling with magnets and is secured via securing cables. In combination, the two metal ceilings create a single unit which meets the specifications for a stylish ceiling without affecting the flexibility and function of the conference rooms. The POLYLAM® vertical baffles used for the exterior and interior of the hotel additionally underline the luxurious atmosphere.

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