Project of the month October 2021
Kulmbach Clinic, Bavaria [GER]

Kulmbach Clinic, Bavaria

PHOTOS: © Prof. Dieter Leistner
Kulmbach Clinic, Bavaria [GER]
H2M Architekten + Stadtplaner GmbH, ARGE a|sh sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH; light planner: Konzeptlicht Lighting Solutions GmbH

Metal ceiling in corridor system FS4.6 BR SPECIAL
Special version for suspension in lighting channel OMEGA 100E; foldable and movable ceiling elements; powder coating: RAL 9016; perforation: RG-L25 [approx. 1480 m2]

LED lighting channel OMEGA 100E
Satinised luminaire cover, DALI dimmable [approx. 700 linear metres]

Fire-resistant ceiling dur-F30 310.30 EASY-CLICK
Ceiling elements that can be folded and moved without tools; powder coating: RAL 9016; perforation: RG-L25 [approx. 21 m2]

Metal cassettes in hook-on system S2 for carrier T24
Module 600; powder coating: RAL 9010; perforation: RG-L15 [approx. 210 m2]

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The focus is on people – that is what the Kulmbach Clinic stands for, providing dependable healthcare in Upper Bavaria ever since the Sixties. As part of the conversion and expansion of this clinic, the nine-storey South New-Build, 'Neubau Süd', has already been completed.

This clinic building, which won the Innovative Architecture category in the renowned Iconic Awards 2021, creates a sense of well-being that really benefits and supports the patients during their treatments and recovery processes. The ceiling & lighting solutions from durlum from integral features of this architecture. In the corridors, the dimmable DALI LED lighting channel system OMEGA 100E defines clear highlights and bathes the corridors in pleasant, friendly light. The light line is designed also to enable it to serve as a substructure for the metal ceiling. The foldable and movable ceiling elements in the corridor system assure rapid access to the ceiling cavity. The ventilation elements are seamlessly integrated into the ceiling right across its surface area.

Our dur-F30 310.30 EASY-CLICK fire-resistant ceiling is also very user-friendly. Simply lift the ceiling elements gently to unlock them, enabling the panels to be folded and moved easily. The sleek properties of the S2 metal cassette system, with a height difference of approx. 15 mm between cassette and carrier, are perfectly suited to defining the lines and structure within the clinic, in which good health is a living dimension.

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