Project of the month May 2013
Roche Diagnostics [Schweiz] AG, Rotkreuz [CH]
Photos: Rainer Keser
Roche Diagnostics [Schweiz] AG, Rotkreuz [CH]
Rapp Group | Basel [CH]

S-OMEGA lighting channel system
consisting of the lighting channel OMEGA 76 with satinised cover [volume: approx. 2900 lm] and metal panels with RD-L51 and RV-L09 perforations [volume: approx. 3700 m2]

S10 H Metal ceiling system

executed as magnetic system with ceiling elements made of anodized aluminium [volume: approx. 550 m2]

LUMEO®-R Surface mounted luminaires
with diameters of 300 and 600 mm

PUNTEO® LED-Downlights

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Roche Diagnostics – a leading supplier of diagnostic system solutions – decided in 2010 to add three storeys to the montage building “Bau 10”, which was completed in 2008. The second floor houses office space and analytical laboratories. On the third floor teaching labs, training workshops and classrooms are located. Both floors are equipped with the innovative, versatile ceiling-lighting system S-OMEGA. It consists of the lighting channel OMEGA 76, which also serves as substructure for the metal panels. The aesthetic looking ceiling elements are perforated with 20mm wide, diagonally offset holes and are combined with grey acoustic fleece. Only in the laboratories and toilet facilities a more filigree hole pattern was required. On the fourth floor a restaurant for the staff was build. It was provided with the elegant, open metal ceiling LOOP®. The combination of the ceiling with LUMEO®-R surface mounted luminaires create a harmonious and dynamic impression of the ceiling. In the area outside the restaurant PUNTEO®-J80 LED-downlights have been integrated into LOOP®.

The various ceiling-lighting combinations present durlum as a competent manufacturer of ceiling-lighting solutions.

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