Project of the month October 2015 office, Turnhout [BE]
Photos: Liesbet Goetschalckx | Turnhout [BE]
Project office, Turnhout [BE]
Spring 2015
LV architecten and L1 interieurarchitectuur | Wuustwezel [BE]

Linear ceiling-lighting combination consisting of:
POLYLAM® Vertical baffles
Width: 50 mm, Length: 300 - 3,050 mm, Height: 150 mm; in white RAL 9010 powder-coated; non-perforated or with perforation in RV-L6; lined with black acoustic fleece [approx. 1,600 lfm]

PUNTEO®-S LED-light points
with 10 square reflectors each [20×20 mm]; Light colour: 4000 K; DALI dimmable [total 2,200 LED-points]; integrated in POLYLAM® vertical baffles [approx. 270 lfm] 

Aesthetic ceiling-lighting combination consisting of:
TOMEO-R® ceiling elements
with dimensions Ø 900 mm, 1,200 mm; in RD-L30 perforated and lined with black acoustic fleece; arranged in pendant fashion using cables; in white RAL 9010 powder-coated [total 13 pieces]

LUMEO-R® LED pendant luminaires
with dimensions Ø 600 mm, 900 mm; arranged in pendant fashion using cables; in anodised aluminium; light colour 4000 K; DALI dimmable [total 9 pieces]

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On the basis of the existing company building, the architects from LV architecten and L1 interieurarchitectuur have designed a new, modern and more importantly energy-efficient complex of buildings for the interior designer in Turnhout, Belgium. Straight lines, large windows and open-plan rooms define the concept, which has been skilfully completed by the architects using functional designer ceilings and integrated LED lighting solutions by durlum.

From the prospective of energy consumption and architecture, it was crucial to keep the concrete ceiling with thermal activation visible while ensuring the acoustic and visual framework conditions for sustainable workplaces. The smart ceiling-light combination by durlum allowed implementation of both aspects without influencing the heating and cooling capacity of the concrete ceiling. A total of 1.6 kilometres of POLYLAM® vertical baffles used as linear design elements are floating like a sail over the workplaces of the employees. Besides, the baffles perforated and lined with acoustic fleece contribute to a pleasant acoustic room ambience. PUNTEO®-S LED modules fitted into the acoustic ceiling with 10 square reflectors each provide lighting for modern spaces and emphasize the linear character of the ceiling. Along with the LED light points an intelligent light control with motion detection promotes a low energy consumption.

The round ceiling and lighting elements by durlum are almost contradictory but still blend harmonically into the cafeteria which is also the meeting room of the company's head office. TOMEO®-R acoustic elements in subtle white with powder-coating offer the perfect supplement to the LED illuminated surfaces LUMEO®-R which are only 60 mm high. Thanks to a highly effective sound absorption by means of the perforated ceiling elements lined with acoustic fleece, the noise level is reduced in these rooms as well.

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