TANGENTA-Q24 linear lighting

Linear led lighting system to accentuate contours and edges

TANGENTA-Q24 is a very discrete LED light line. Its simple form and lightness make it suitable in particular for product staging, architectural emphases of borders and contours or for use in handrails.

  • Available with three different opal covers. 
  • The plug-in system can be connected in series.
  • The luminaire is suitable for recessed and surface-mounting.

Technical Information

Lighting channel


W: 24 mm
H: 21 mm
L: max. 6000 mm
Finish: Anodised aluminium


Diffuse PMMA cover [flat, round or with optical lens]
W: 24 mm
L: max 3000 mm

Luminaire details

Light colour: 3000 K, 4000 K
Luminaire output: 1820 lm/m (3000 K), 1840 lm/m (4000 K)
Dimmability: DALI dimmable
Driver: driver outside
Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz + DALI
Protection degree: IP 20


TANGENTA-Q24 linear lighting