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Subway station Memar Ajami, Baku [AZ]

Subway station Memar Ajami

Photos: © Majid Z. Aliyev [AZ]
Subway station Memar Ajami, Baku [AZ]
August 2016
Sadixov Cahangir, Qurbanaliyev Zaur [AZ]

Ceiling-lighting system S-OMEGA with integrated OMEGA 63 lighting channels made of 0.7 mm sheet steel; 2936 x 600 mm [L x W]; powder-coated in RAL 9010, perforated in L30; lined with black acoustic fleece
OMEGA 63 – lighting channel with Zhaga LED wide-angle luminaires; 4000 K [approx. 1000 lm]. 

Ceiling-lighting system comprising specially manufactured POLYLAM® vertical baffles made of highly reflective DUROPLAN A060 aluminium; 4960 x 63 x 526 mm [LxWxH] 
OMEGA 60 lighting channel with Zhaga LED wide-angle luminaires; 4000 K; DALI dimmable [approx. 1100 lm] 

Ceiling-lighting system comprising a DOMUS® curved ceiling in various sizes, all made of 0.7 mm sheet steel; powder-coated in RAL 9010, perforated in L30; lined with black acoustic fleece. 
As well as OMEGA 100 lighting channels with Zhaga LED wide-angle luminaires; 4000 K; DALI dimmable [approx. 250 linear metres and approx. 5000 m2

Specific wall panels, some in conjunction with lighting ducts [approx. 2500m2] [ca. 2.500 m2]

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The subway network in Baku, Azerbaijan, is one of the oldest in the Middle East. Work commenced back in the Sixties, and the network has been extended continuously right up to the present day. To mark the 50th anniversary of this subway line, in summer 2016, the two subway stations Avtovagzal and Memar Ajami were opened. Memar Ajami, a connection to a new subway line, gleams as a bright, light-permeated space with corridors and rooms polished to a high sheen. The aesthetic ceiling-lighting systems from durlum do proper justice to this fine setting.

Ceiling-lighting combinations from durlum can be found on a total of 4 floors. On the top floor above the escalators, POLYLAM® vertical baffles, specially developed for this project, are used. Thanks to their highly reflective DUROPLAN surface, they seem to optically enlarge the room and make it brighter. The OMEGA lighting channels next to them with integrated LEDs reinforce the light-flooded appearance. Due to their dimmable design, the lighting channels can be lit to produce different lighting scenes. This ideally supports the illumination produced by the daylight entering through the glass roof directly above.

In order to have sufficient light also on the lower floors, the OMEGA lighting channels used there are also equipped with LEDs not only on the ceilings but also on the sandstone-coloured walls. Wave-shaped DOMUS® curved ceilings and wall claddings as creative ceiling-lighting combinations with diagonal light channels play down the austerity of the otherwise rather rectilinear architecture due to their playful nature.

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