Project of the month April 2023
Biogena, Salzburg [AT]
Photos: Faruk Pinjo
Biogena, Salzburg [AT]
Autumn 2021
Berghofer Architektur ZT GmbH
Lighting Planner
Bartenbach GmbH

DIAMOND TUBE daylight system
Skylight made of highly-reflective DUROPLAN A060 aluminium; height: 2120 mm; diameter: 2675 mm; clear opening: 2500 mm [3 units].

Swivelling: 0-30°; light colour Tunable White: 1800 – 4000 K; CRI: > 90; degree of protection: I; protection class: IP 20 [28 LED - lighting spots]

LIGHT PIPE made of highly reflective DUROPLAN A060 aluminium
Height: 1300 mm; diameter: 1210 mm [with Fresnel diffuser: 7 units; without Fresnel diffuser: 5 units].

LIGHT PIPE made of aluminium, powder-coated in RAL 9010 matt
Aluminium skylight; height: 1050 mm; diameter: 1210 mm; powdercoated in RAL 9010 matt [5 units].

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Quite literally an award-winning: in 2022, Biogena’s head office in Salzburg was presented with the highly prized Saint Gobain Trophy, an award for the finest drywall constructors in Austria. In this new-build for the renowned producer of micro-nutrients, priority was accorded to sustainability and energy efficiency. durlum supplied the daylight solutions appropriate to this concept.

In the atrium of the ’experience world’, three DIAMOND TUBEs were installed, each measuring 2.5 metres in diameter. Comprising a multitude of isosceles triangular elements made of highly polished aluminium, daylight entering from above through the transparent dome is directed into the room to great effect. When the sun is shining, subtle interplays of light create magical effects on the walls and floor. In the hours of darkness, DIAMOND TUBE is showcased to optimum advantage with the help of PUNTEO-J60 LED downlights installed above the daylight system.

In the lobbies and meeting rooms, LIGHT PIPEs deliver daylight in sufficient quantities. Some of these light pipes are equipped with Fresnel diffusers to generate homogeneous and BAP-compatible illumination. Other of these LIGHT PIPEs were powder-coated in white, creating the 3D effect of a surface luminaire.

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