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Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Istanbul [TR]

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Istanbul

Photos: ©Balibey Medya
Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Istanbul [TR]
February 2018
Memorial Project Management
General Contractor
Istanbul Memorial Sağlık Yatırımları A.Ş.
Interior Design
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Design ceiling LOOP®
made of a 1.0 mm thickness of galvanized steel plate; designed as a TYPE 3 magnet system, module size 966 x 1115 mm; powder-coated in gold bronze, hole pattern RV 60 [800 m²]

S1 rectangular metal panels
made of a 0.6 mm thickness of galvanized steel plate; dimensions: 600 x 600 mm; powder-coated in RAL 7021 matt; perforated in L15, lined with black acoustic fabric [800 m²]

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Innovative exclusivity: In Istanbul, the impressive Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital has just been opened. A world-standard hospital that satisfies international accreditation and quality standards – the focus is always people with their individual needs.

This hospital, in the centre of the Eurasian metropolis is one of the most comprehensively equipped healthcare complexes in the world. It has received Leed Platinum status (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the most prestigious green certificate awarded in relation to the design of leading institutions. Modern and futuristic – this is the architectural claim of this hospital, which extends over a surface area of 72 000 m². One component of this comprehensive concept is the durlum LOOP® design ceiling, used in the lobby, the vestibule areas and the atrium.

Powder-coated in gold bronze, this design ceiling creates a high-end and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in these interior spaces. With round apertures as its hallmark feature, this unique ceiling blends harmoniously into the interior design. Curved, organic shapes create an impression of infinite distance. Perfectly matched to the carefully crafted interior decor, a vision of absolute perfection is created.

Moreover, this ceiling system is more than simply an eye-catching feature: The LOOP® elements are attached by magnets to the suspended ceiling, made of rectangular metal panels. Perforated and lined with fabric, the acoustics are enhanced greatly – which also improves the feel-good factor.

The Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital is based on a comprehensive concept in which nothing is left to chance. A hospital in which people occupy centre stage – a place to enjoy.

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