Project of the month August 2021
SPECIAL | Holiday time is travel time

SPECIAL | Holiday time is travel time

SPECIAL | Holiday time is travel time

During the summer months, the train is a popular way to travel in a relaxed way. In Germany alone, about 23,500 trains transport 7.1 million travellers per day. And that’s not counting the underground traffic. In order to make the customers’ stay in the stations as pleasant as possible, high requirements must be met in terms of safety and comfort. For many years durlum has been providing modern ceiling, wall, lighting and daylight solutions that meet the technical requirements and turn every station into an architectural eye-catcher.

Fulton Center, New York [US]
For the Fulton Center, New Yorks largest transportation hub, durlum supplied 952 different daylight reflecting panels for the unique “Sky Reflector Net” which directs daylight into the interior of the metro station. The conical dome captures the constantly changing colours of the sky and transports the dynamics of the day into the station.

Memar Ajami metro station, Baku [AZ]
The highly-reflective surface of these bespoke vertical POLYLAM baffles from durlum visually enlarges the interior of the Memar Ajami metro station in Baku. Combined with our DALI dimmable OMEGA lighting channels, daylight is enhanced to an optimum standard.

In the lower floors, our lighting channels were integrated in the sandstone-coloured walls and in our metal wall claddings.

The DOMUS curved ceiling interrupts the linear architecture and imbues the interior with a pleasing and intriguing character.

Rankweil station [DE]
Thanks to a custom-made metal ceiling and a highly efficient lighting installation, the railway station in Rankweil shines in new glory. The design and highly-reflective surface of this ceiling are visually striking features. It was enhanced in 3D fluid geometry, giving it a pulsating character reminiscent of the surface of water. The ceiling is complemented perfectly by our TANGENTA-Y100 luminaire, designed for particularly demanding requirements, illuminating the whole area of the underpass with its shell-shaped Shelly reflectors in two different angular positions. The luminaires are executed in Tunable White, delivering a pleasing and varied lighting experience.

Munich main railway station [DE]
A perfect combination of ceiling and light welcomes thousands of passengers every day on the mezzanine floor at Munich’s main railway station. The basic structure is provided by our visually appealing seamless GEO double-blade louvre in which 4.600 PUNTEO-Q50 LED-spots have been integrated. These deliver optimum, glare-free illumination. On the stairwells, artificial suns with automated lighting control provide a fluid transition from daylight to artificial light. A special eyecatcher is the light wall with a length of 132 metres. It uses a smart light control, that reacts to streams of visitors and times of day, creating some unique lighting scenarios and ambiences.

Copenhagen main station [DK]
The main station in Copenhagen is Denmark’s most important long-distance railway station. As part of its expansion, the station was equipped with a new lighting system. The challenge was to make its dark spaces appear to be higher, more spacious and much brighter. With special, light-redirecting raft ceilings with an oval lighting system, durlum implemented the concept of Bartenbach, a lighting design company. The raft ceilings distribute the light of the luminaires indirectly, evenly and glare-free throughout the station.

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