dur-SONIC® ART absorption system

Wall element as an acoustic solution

With dur-SONIC® ART, durlum presents a solution that transforms acoustics into a visual experience. Various versions of its printable wall elements are particularly well suited for use in open-plan offices, vestibules and other communication spaces. The absorber elements are perforated and are backed with acoustic fabric or a special DUROBOND® absorption material. 

  • Individual structuring is possible

Technical Information


L: max. 2800 mm
W: max. 1200 mm
D: 20-40 mm
Weight: approx. 8 kg/m²

Material and surface

Galvanised steel sheet: powder-coated

Acoustics and perforation

Sound absorption coefficient: αw =0.75 (with L30 perforation, thickness 40 mm)
Standard perforation: RG-L08; RD-L30


Powder-coated cut sections, also printable with motifs and textures

Fire behaviour

Standard, smooth or perforated: A2-s1.dO to EN13501-01 (non-combustible)