Multidirectional open-cell ceiling with integrated LED downlight

The multidirectional LIVA open-cell ceiling has a dynamic, homogeneous appearance. The aluminium louvres, which can be combined in different heights and colours and are arranged at right angles to each other, offer a wide range of design options. The modern PUNTEO-J60 spotlight blends perfectly and discreetly into the open-cell ceiling, creating a pleasing ambience.

  • Each row of blades of the ceiling-lighting combination can be folded down and removed individually.
  • The excellent glare reduction of the LED downlight and the wide range of lighting techniques and light colours ensure optimum illumination.

Technical Information

LIVA details

Width x Height: 98 x 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Step: 100 mm, 120 mm

Material: aluminium 0.8 mm
Surface of louvres: white, other colours on request

Noise absorption: in conjunction with broad-band absorber dur-SONIC TUBE
w=0.80; NRC=  up to 0.75 is possible)


PUNTEO-J60 luminaire details

Diameter incl. housing: 85 mm
Height: 100 mm, 110 mm, 125 mm

Reflector with a high-sheen coating
Shades: black, white

Light colour: 2700 – 5000 K | 3000 K | 4000 K (CRI > 90)
LED output: 1410 lm (2700 – 5000 K) | 1779 lm (3000 K) | 1860 lm (4000 K)
Optical efficiency:  85 %
Light distribution: 2x25° (height: 125 mm) | 2x35° (height: 110 mm) | 2x45° (height: 100)
Dimmability: DALI dimmable (DT6 or DT8)
LED driver: external in carrier
Power supply: DC driver; 2 x 350 mA CC | 2 x 24 Vf
Protection system: IP 20
Protection class: I (excl. LED driver)