Perforated open-cell blades help to create reflections

The ETINCELL single-blade louvre is superbly well suited for projects that impose demanding requirements on having a decorative ceiling. The perforation of individual open-cell blades creates reflections that can be used to deflect light. 

  • Homogeneous ceiling look through the ratio of cell dimension and height
  • Aesthetic integration of spot-shaped luminaires is possible

Technical Information



600 x 600mm | 625 x 625mm | 1200 x 600mm | 1250 x 625mm
Height: variable, 30 – 50mm


Blade height: 30-50mm
Cell dimension: 30-60mm

T15/T24 carrier:
Blade height: 30-50mm
Cell dimension: 25-100mm

U 1000 H:
Blade height:30-50mm
Cell dimension: 25-60mm

Material and surface

Aluminium 0.6mm. Surface strip-painted
Louvers: white, black, RAL 9006, natural anodised.

Acoustics and perforation

Micro-perforation: Ø=1.5mm | Holes in offset rows | Free cross section: 11%
Perfo 2.5: Ø=2.5mm | Holes in straight rows | Free cross section: 19.6%
Noise absorption: in conjunction with broad-band absorber dur-SONIC TUBE (αw=  0,80; NRC=  0,75)