S7 TAIFUN rail channel system

Ball impact-resistant metal ceiling with symmetrical panels

The state-of-the-art rail channel system S7 TAIFUN can be used for most diverse indoor and outdoor applications. It has been tested for ball-impact resistance in the highest Class 1A according to DIN 18032-3. Due to its robust design it is suitable for sport halls or other areas exposed to suction and pressure forces. On the long side the panels can be designed with or without a joint. 

  • Easy to disassemble from below
  • Integration of signage is not a problem.
  • Possible to use as impact-resistant wall cladding.
  • Face-end joint measuring 10 mm

Technische Information


L: 300-1900 mm
W: 200-600 mm

Material and surface

1 mm thick galvanised sheet steel.
Standard powder coating, white (RAL 9016 matt DUROPLAN Type 1), layer thickness: 60 microns. Other powder coatings are possible.

Acoustics and perforation

As standard, sound absorption with black acoustic fleece (αw= approx. 0.73)
Standard perforation: RG-L15. Other perforations are possible.


Powder-coated cut sections, also printable with motifs and textures

Fire behaviour

Ball-impact resistant metal ceilings by durlum are tested and classified according to DIN EN 13501-01 (non-flammable). They are available as DEFEO


S7 TAIFUN rail channel system