S7 RHOMBOS TAIFUN rail channel system

Open expanded metal ceiling in ball impact-resistant version

The open S7 RHOMBOS TAIFUN expanded metal ceiling is ball impact-resistant, tested to Class 1A in accordance with DIN 18032- 3, and its robust design makes it ideally suited for areas exposed to suction and compression forces. The expanded metal panels are hung force-fitted and tension-free in a special sub-structure, then secured with a specialist, concealed ball impact-resistant feature.  

  • Easy to disassemble from below
  • Integration of signage is not a problem.
  • Possible to use as impact-resistant wall cladding.
  • Face-end joint measuring 10 mm

Technical Information


L: 300-2390 mm
W: 200-1100 mm

Material and surface

Steel, chemically pre-treated
Standard powder coating, white (RAL 9016 matt DUROPLAN Type 1), layer thickness: 60 microns. Other powder coatings are possible.

Acoustics and meshes

As standard, sound absorption with black acoustic fleece (╬▒w = approx. 0.73)
Grid sizes: from 16x8x2x1.5 mm to 62x25x4x3 mm

Fire behaviour

Ball-impact resistant metal ceilings by durlum are tested and classified according to DIN EN 13501-01 (non-flammable). They are available as DEFEO with the classification A2-s1,d0.


S7 RHOMBOS TAIFUN rail channel system