OMEGA PROTECT linear lighting

Durable luminaire insert for a wide range of applications

The OMEGA PROTECT luminaire insert with protective insulation was specifically designed for the OMEGA linear lighting system. Its hallmark characteristic is its durability. OMEGA PROTECT is therefore superbly suited to use in areas frequented by large numbers of people. Its high protection rating and resistance to collision impacts enables this type of strip-lighting to contend with high levels of humidity and impact. The diffuse cover assures a homogeneous distribution of light.

  • This luminaire insert can be installed in its basic profile section without tools.
  • An aluminium support girder can be used as the sub-frame for metal ceiling systems.
  • Dimmable DALI
  • OMEGA PROTECT is listed in the official Luminaire selection list of 'Deutsche Bahn' (Group 30)

Technical information

Lighting channel

Width: 100 mm
Height: 73 mm
Surface: anodised aluminium, powder-coated on request

Luminaire insert

Length: 1150 mm, 1430 mm, 1710 mm, 1990 mm


PC cover, diffuse IK 10

Luminaire details

Light colour: 4000 K, CRI > 80
LED output: 2416 lm/m
Dimmability: DALI dimmable
Driver: integrated
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
IP 65
IK 10
Protection class II