GEO double blade louvre

Timeless metal ceiling in all colours

The GEO open-cell ceiling is always up-to-date and decorative and has a sophisticated appearance. The double blade louvre is available in many colours, so a perfect match can be found with your project. Precise installation is guaranteed by the sharp edges of this ceiling.

  • LED downlights can be integrated aesthetically in the ceiling.
  • Technical building systems (such as air-conditioning units and sprinklers) can be integrated without  any problem
  • As an option, can also be installed in vestibules.

Technical Information



600 x 600mm (GEO T15 open | GEO G 600  | GEO ECO)
1200 x 600mm (integrated + U94 carrier rail | vestibule variant)
1250 x 625mm (integrated + U94 carrier rail)
1500 x 750mm (vestibule variant)

Louvre configuration

For integrated or U94 carrier rail:

Web width | Louvre height | Cell size (various versions are possible)

4 | 42 | 50/75/86/100/120/150/200mm
9 | 40 | 50/75/86/100/120/150/200mm
15 | 37 | 60/75/86/100/120/150/200mm

For GEO T15 open:

Cell dimension:   100 x 100mm | 150 x 150mm
Height: 37 | 47 | 57 | 77mm
Web width: 15mm


Height: 77 | 100mm
Width: 15mm

For GEO rectangular cells:

Cell dimension: 50 x 100mm | 75 x 100mm | 85.71 x 171.43mm | 150 x 300mm
Height: 40mm

Material and surface

Aluminium. Surface strip-painted
Louvre colour: white, black, RAL 9006, natural anodised. Other colours on request

Acoustics and perforation

Optional perforation: Linea type
Noise absorption: in conjunction with broad-band absorber dur-SONIC TUBE  (╬▒w=  0,80; NRC=  0,75)