FS4.2 and FS4.5 KS hook-in systems

Versatile metal ceiling systems for vestibules

The lay-on/hook-on systems FS4.2 and FS4.5 KS are metal ceilings that were designed specifically for very wide vestibules and vestibule extensions. The concealed suspension construction creates a ceiling with a uniform appearance. The FS4.5 KS system is also optionally available with cooling meanders as a cooling ceiling. 

  • Optionally foldable
  • Flexible design options

Technical Information


FS 4.2: ≤ 3500 mm
FS 4.5 KS ≤ 2500 mm

Width: ≤ 1300 mm

Recommended surface area:
FS 4.2: ≤ 2.5 m²
FS4.5 KS: ≤ 2.0 m²

Material and surface

Galvanised steel plate, aluminium: standard powder coating, white (RAL 9016 matt DUROPLAN Type 1). Coat thickness: 60 microns Other powder coatings are possible.
Aluminium: coil anodised or mirror polished.
Stainless steel: brushed or mirror polished.

Acoustics and perforation

Standard perforation: RG-L15. Other perforations are possible.
As standard, sound absorption with black acoustic fleece (αw=0,70; NRC=0,70)