S1.12 clip-in system

Rigid and removable metal ceiling

The S1.12 metal ceiling system from durlum is a clip-in system particularly suitable for use in rooms that require a pressure-resistant suspension hanger. The ceiling has a concealed substructure. Optionally, the metal ceiling can also be hingeable and sliding (S1.12 KD). 

  • Can be dismantled very easily and quickly
  • Can be used for protected outside areas

Technical Information


S1.12: ≤ 1800 mm
S1.12 KD: ≤ 2000 mm

Width: ≤ 1200 mm

Recommended surface area:
S1.12: ≤ 0.8 m²
S1.12 KD: ≤ 1.0 m²

Material and surface

Galvanised steel plate: standard powder coating, white (RAL 9016 matt DUROPLAN Type 1). Coat thickness: 60 microns Other powder coatings are possible.
Stainless steel: brushed

Acoustics and perforation

Standard perforation: RG-L15. Other perforations are possible.
As standard, sound absorption with black acoustic fleece (αw=0,70; NRC=0,70)


Powder-coated cut sections, also printable with motifs and textures

Fire behaviour

Standard, smooth or perforated: A2-s1.dO to EN13501-01 (non-combustible)